Sunday, July 29, 2012

Livin' and LOVIN' LiFe!

Here we are, our last weekend of July 2012.  The summer Olympics have finally arrived again.  Four years ago, when they were last was mine and Jason's last summer as just the two of us.  We got pregnant with Drake a month after they were on.  I know, funny how I think of those silly things.  :)  

We had a wonderfully, low key weekend but it still went by in fast mode.  Friday night, after dinner we had Birthday cake ice cream cones, YUMMY!!  Then, I set off to Starbucks to meet with some wonderful women, to discuss 'Mercy Triumphs' Beth Moore, bible study.   I am soooo eager to dive straight in and conquer what all this study has to offer!!  It was a great first meeting! 

Saturday, I worked in the am while the boys packed the "trucks" (Drake's too) and we headed off to the Ranch for a lovely escape!  Fished, rode around the land, took a swim in the pond, cooked out and had an outdoor shower (Drake's most favorite part, probably) We headed home as the sun was going down, Drake hadn't had a he was out not to far after we left.  Jason and I talked the whole way home. I love this man!!

Sunday, your supposed to rest on this day...well, Jason never does.  I must admit I appreciate all the wonderful things he accomplishes around the house but sometimes I wish he'd just be LAZY like I am on Sundays!  I did nothing today but go to church, Eat and Rest!  We enjoyed a nice family outing for dinner and ice cream, our usual favorites; Hooters and Braums!  

I sure hope everyone is enjoying and LOVING this summer as much as we are!!
Happy Trails! :)

These boys are my world! Do you like how they match!?!?  Yes, Drake had to have the sleeves cut off his shirt, just like his DADDY!

Not afraid of anything!

Drake and his minnow.

My date! 

He's just too PROUD of his news!

Hard at work this Sunday evening!

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