Sunday, July 29, 2012

Livin' and LOVIN' LiFe!

Here we are, our last weekend of July 2012.  The summer Olympics have finally arrived again.  Four years ago, when they were last was mine and Jason's last summer as just the two of us.  We got pregnant with Drake a month after they were on.  I know, funny how I think of those silly things.  :)  

We had a wonderfully, low key weekend but it still went by in fast mode.  Friday night, after dinner we had Birthday cake ice cream cones, YUMMY!!  Then, I set off to Starbucks to meet with some wonderful women, to discuss 'Mercy Triumphs' Beth Moore, bible study.   I am soooo eager to dive straight in and conquer what all this study has to offer!!  It was a great first meeting! 

Saturday, I worked in the am while the boys packed the "trucks" (Drake's too) and we headed off to the Ranch for a lovely escape!  Fished, rode around the land, took a swim in the pond, cooked out and had an outdoor shower (Drake's most favorite part, probably) We headed home as the sun was going down, Drake hadn't had a he was out not to far after we left.  Jason and I talked the whole way home. I love this man!!

Sunday, your supposed to rest on this day...well, Jason never does.  I must admit I appreciate all the wonderful things he accomplishes around the house but sometimes I wish he'd just be LAZY like I am on Sundays!  I did nothing today but go to church, Eat and Rest!  We enjoyed a nice family outing for dinner and ice cream, our usual favorites; Hooters and Braums!  

I sure hope everyone is enjoying and LOVING this summer as much as we are!!
Happy Trails! :)

These boys are my world! Do you like how they match!?!?  Yes, Drake had to have the sleeves cut off his shirt, just like his DADDY!

Not afraid of anything!

Drake and his minnow.

My date! 

He's just too PROUD of his news!

Hard at work this Sunday evening!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Being a boy=NAKED?!

I suppose when you are a little boy it's alright to run around naked!?  Well, my little Drake sure believes so!  Ya, know a few months back he and I were outside, he was playing in his sand box and I was flipping through a magazine.  I look up and he's standing there, facing out of his sand box, pants around his ankles, giggling uncontrollably and tt'ing!!! LORD, mercy me.  I couldn't help but burst out laughing, when asking; "just what are you doing MISTER?!" From there on had begun...we never come inside to potty anymore.  Tuesday night we had a couple pallets of grass delivered for our mess of a backyard, soon to be not!  After dinner, the boys like to go outside(okay, so I ship them out!) so I can clean up after dinner.  I walk out and much to my surprise Jason is manning the water hose and DRAKE is completely naked, running around with a bucket.  

                                                   We even potty outside with friends! LOL!
                                                          Naked much FUN!

Heading out to lunch with grandma!

                                   Friday night, movie IN, at the Lee Cinema...showing Puss in boots!
                                    We had such a FUN time watching a movie in our living room, popped                  
                                popcorn, ate ice cream and m&m's!  I will cherish these moments FOREVER!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Swimming with fRiEnDs!!

Best thing to do on a HOT, July day...SWIMMING with friends!  That's just what we did today.  Thanks to a sweet friend for opening her home and backyard haven up to a rowdy group of toddlers!  WOWEE!! We had a great time!  I am soaking up this summer with Drake, knowing that it's our last year, just the two of us.  I am so over joyed about having a sibling for Drake but I just want to make sure that I get in all my time with my soon, not to be baby anymore.  Sniff, sniff!!

Life at the Lee household will soon be changing it's face! We placed an order for Drake's BIG boy bed last week and should be getting it in, next week.  I am sooo pumped about it!  A BIG thank you to my dear in-laws, I sure don't know what I would do without them!?!?  Purchased Drake's bedding last night and absolutely CAN'T wait to put it all together!  Although, we really need to be working on Mr. Drake sleeping in his own ROOM!!! Geesh, we are going on 7 months of him coming in our room every night, between 12am and 2am!  In the past month he has now stopped getting in bed with us but only making him self a "cozy, comfy pallet" on the floor, right next to my side.  Yes, it's cute and I love seeing his eyes flicker open every morning and say "hi, mommy! Can we eat pancakes!?" but it's just not where he needs to sleep.  Now, yes I am the parent and need to be more firm on this...I am giving myself DAILY pep-talks but come middle of the night, I just can't muster up the strength to do something about it.  I'm hoping that this "NEW" room will help me out!?:/

Well...until next time, stay COOL y'all!

Drake and Kipton, too cool!


Sweet, sweet Claire!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Sooo...we had a wonderful weekend here at the Lee household.  Well, I thought it was wonderful.  Jason might beg to differ.  We had a garage sale!!!!  Sold some stuff and what ever was left we took straight to the manna house, here in midlothian and donated it.  We free'd up sooo much wonderful, much needed space.  I guess seeing all that free space and just knowing that it was all gone kicked me in to high gear for cleaning and organizing this house.  Saturday after the sale we all took a little nap and then went swimming and my sis n laws.  It started thundering as  the storms were rolling in.   Our swim got cut really short.  We came home, cooked dinner and it was still storming.   Generally we take this evening time and spend it walking the neighborhood, or playing outside.  I decided to CLEAN!!! I was going through everything in this house!!!! Jason was like "oh no, I remember you doing this when you were pregnant with Drake!!"  I don't know if it was truly nesting...or just simply bored and on the cleaning kick!  It definitely rolled into sunday afternoon.  By Sunday evening, I was sitting back reflecting on how much we had accomplished and I felt pretty darn good about it.  Jason, just rolled his eyes, as I was marveling over all the things I had done:)  

Here are some pictures of Drake playing with his Mickey transportation collection!  He had to throw buzz and woody in too!  He's such a cutie...we raced these cars and planes back and forth in the mud room for an hour!  

Makes my days just soo much brighter seeing this cute little cheesy grin!  Full of love and personality! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Swim, Sleep, EAT and REPEAT!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful, yet relaxed 4th of July!  We sure enjoyed our middle of the week escape!  This was Drake's first year to experience fireworks.  All the previous years, he's tuckered out on us and not made it.  We met some friends at my salon and enjoyed a delicious watermelon, played soccer, tball, frisbee and watched as the kids faces lit up with amazement, once the fireworks started:)  Such happy times!  Drake went to bed wayyyyyyy past his bed time and of course woke up wayyyyyy early!  Haha...I don't know why he does this?  He has started in the year 2012, coming in our room every single night, between midnight and 2 am.  We are lazy and don't take him back!  (tisk, tisk)  I however, got tired of sharing my bed with two boys, so I made a pallet on the floor next to the bed for Drake and he just curls right up and sleeps. This was fine and all UNTIL...3:45 in the am, I hear a muffled cry for help!  He had rolled under my bed, all the way to the center and was stuck!!!  LORD, help me!!!  

Drake passed his swim class with FLYING colors.  I am soo proud of him, I just can't describe it.  

Well's to a HOT July, hoping for loads more fun and good memories!

A little play time before swim lessons.

"dad, I'm going to hit it REALLY far!"

He's such a looker!

SOooo in love!

Dancing with his friend, Anna!

Fireworks, we are READY!

Happy 4th from us!

Drake loves to help me clean...I can't complain.  I actually like that he's right with me.  I don't feel like I am neglecting him while doing my daily cleaning list!  We always make a game of it...which generally prolongs the cleaning process BUT such great memories.  He is always asking if today, we clean the shower!?  I think it's his favorite.:)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Does heaven have tools?"

Here we are, June 26! WOW!!  And it's HOT!!!  This past weekend we enjoyed a GREAT family day at the Ranch with the in-laws.  We fished, shopped at a local store favorite (yes, in corsicana!) swam in the tank, cooked out and enjoyed a delicious watermelon!  It was Drake's first time to have watermelon and he LOVED it!! 

We started swim lessons on Monday, well Drake started swim lessons.  He is sure not afraid of going under!  The teacher told me at the end, "he's not scared of much, huh? He's just scary." I laughed...what else could I do!? It's sure true.  Drake has definitely come completely out of his shell and just explores things, before thinking of the end result.  I must admit that I am proud though, that at least he's trying things.  

Every morning, well every day for that matter I try to talk to Drake about God and all the many blessings we have to thank him for.  I started this 31 ways to pray with your toddler...its a skeleton, where I can pull from what I think Drake will or wont grasp.  I usually end up talking way more and explaining far too deep into it because he just probes me for more information.  Today was heaven and we were in the car talking about going to heaven, etc.  Drake was very quietly listening, I could see the wheels turning in his head through the rear mirror.  He interrupted me kindly and asked; "MOM!  Does heaven have tools, to play with!?" Mercy me...I couldn't help but giggle.  "yes, Drake they do and you can play with them." Drake: "Oh, with Jesus too!?!?"  Yes, of course with Jesus! 

Well folks...hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!  I can't believe the 4th of JULY is next week!?  I'm ready to take Drake to see the fireworks!!!

Cheese, just because!

"YUMMY, to my TUMMY!!"

Day one of swim lessons!!

Day two!!

I love his sweet smile!!!!!:)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer LOVIN'

Well...well, we meet again. This means, I have finally found time to do a little uploading of photos., it's really hard to believe; isn't it?!  It sure does feel like it outside, right!!??  Drake and I have spent LOTS of time on his new "park" in our backyard, aka the swing set.  He is absolutely in LOOOVE with it.  When it got delivered to the house, he thanked the delivery truck driver unconditionally.  Then, when J arrived home from work (all day) he promptly addressed the fact that it only required screws and a hammer for proper assembly.  Jason and I looked at one another and simply couldn't hold back, we laughed soooo hard!  He's such a smart little guy...makes us sooo PROUD!

This week, Drake and I are at VBS at hillcrest.  We are having such a great time!  I have been blessed to be his teacher this year and BOY let me tell you, I have a WHOLE new respect for Drake's teachers in the past.  HE IS A MESS!  I mean, he has good manners, goes to the bathroom and cleans up his messes but lord have mercy, I thought he was busy at home...WOWEE!!!

Here are pictures showing what we've been up to!

Ice cream time...every night, after bath time!

our PARK!!!

Such a cutie pa tootie!!

Drake's taking pictures all the time!

Daddy eating his ice cream!

Making a bed in the living room:)  Wishing he'd let us to allow for him to sleep here!

Drake's newest request, EVERY morning!!  

What we have honestly been doing...!

Took D bowling for the first time...he LOOOVED it!

COOL kid on the BLOCK!  Heck in the city! hee hee:)